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Sweet Cherry Pie

Pure Fresh granulated candle wax

Pure Fresh granulated candle wax

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Purefresh is a 100% natural, plant based and non toxic granulated reusable candle wax.

Perfect for people with allergies and safe for pets unscented product, scents can be added to customise

Create your own candle in 30 seconds! No meting of wax, no heating required!

You can turn any heat resistant vessel into a candle.  Pour the beads into the vessel, stick the wick in and away you go.  Candles can burn up to 10 hours.No black burn, no soot residue and burns longer than regular candles.

Do you get nervous having lit candles around the place?  Unlike regular candles PSC wax will self exstinguish if knocked over.

100% natural, non toxic and unscented the product is perfect around children and pets.

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